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Trailer for wood transport

  • rotary ball-and-socket hook, appr. 43cm high
  • tubeless tires with cross-country tread (22×8.00-10)
  • independent suspension adjusting to the layout of the land, ensuring equal distribution of the load on the ground
  • telescopic side arms facilitating loading
  • front protecting grate
  • manual hoisting winch with an adjustable telescope that makes it possible e.g. to drag wood in or lift a box


  • Additional rear telescopic arms to transport long goods
  • Rotary arm that makes it possible to drag wood in from the side
  • Aluminium-coated loading box
    • length: 195cm
    • width: 74cm
    • height: 25cm

Accessories for loading box:

  • “Boards” – increasing the area of the trailer above wheels
  • Raisers – increasing trailer capacity

Trailer parameters:

  • kerb weight of the trailer without the box: 120kg
  • kerb weight of the trailer with the box: 180kg
  • load capacity: 750kg
  • width: 130cm
  • length: 295cm
  • length with rear arms extended 335cm